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USB Himalayan White Salt Lamp

USB Himalayan White Salt Lamp

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Approx 1.5 - 2kg & 17cm tall, salt is natural in colour. 

For indoor use only. Keep lamps away from water as it will dissolve the salt. Leave lamp on continuously or for at least 30 minutes per day to prevent moisture build up. If lamp is left off for an extended period of time, it will accumulate moisture.

Do not place salt lamp on top of electrical appliances such as TV's, stereos etc.

Dry dust to clean.

This salt lamp has an LED bulb in it so its long lasting.  The mini Himalayan Salt Lamp plugs into a USB connection of your computer; The lamp changes colour from purple, pink & orange. You can use a USB adaptor to plug this mini lamp into a power socket too.


Due to the nature of Himalayan salt the size & shape may vary from the picture. 

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