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Moroccan Mint Ceylon Green Tea 25 Bag

Moroccan Mint Ceylon Green Tea 25 Bag

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25 Tea Bags.

Basilur’s Moroccan Mint Green Tea is a personification of sophistication, which is the versatility of pure Ceylon green tea and refreshing Moroccan spearmint. A refreshing beverage that could be a compliment to a fine dining experience acting as a palate cleanser or an after-dinner tea that compliments a fine chocolaty dessert.

A green tea that will leave an impression on your palate with its minty taste and aroma that rejuvenates your senses. Once brewed it provides a yellow coloured liquor and the taste of Ceylon’s finest green tea together with the taste of unique Moroccan Mint.

Ingredients: 100% Pure Ceylon High Grown green, long leaf teas with natural peppermint leaves.

Cup colour is yellowish green, light in cup.

25 String&Tag Teabags packed in a foil pouch to preserve the freshness of your favourite tea.

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