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Magic Nights Ceylon Black Tea 25 Bag

Magic Nights Ceylon Black Tea 25 Bag

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25 Tea Bags.

Basilur Magic Nights is a Pure Ceylon Black tea which is grown in tranquil tea gardens surrounded by the serene serenity of misty mountains and breathtaking natural waterfalls. A combination of Ceylon Tea, natural fruits and herbs which adds a delectable taste and a longing to savour each sip through each cup of this magical tea. Bright in colour once brewed this tea gives a mild fruity taste and a fruity aroma. A tea which celebrates each day with you reminding the many more wonderful days ahead which could be celebrated with a cup of Basilur Magic Nights.

Ingredients: 100% Pure Ceylon black, long leaf teas with cornflower, blue malva, cranberry and flavours strawberry, apricot, pineapple and papaya.

The cup colour is light to medium.

Packed in foil pouch with zipper to preserve the freshness of your favourite tea.

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