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100g Mixed Lampwork Bead Mix

100g Mixed Lampwork Bead Mix

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100g of mixed lampwork glass beads.

Shapes and sizes vary. Sizes can range from 5mm to 25mm.

Holes range from 1-4mm. Average hole size is 2mm.

The beads may be a bit dusty due to the chalk lining used when making lampwork beads. Give the beads a wipe and they will shine.

There is a huge mix of different beads in this particular mix. I've shared photos of 4 bags i've weighed and you can see how each bag can vary. There are hundreds of other beads in this mix that aren't shown so this is truly a random surprise mix. Please only purchase this if you understand that the beads you receive could be any colour/size/shape. Even if you purchase multiple lots, you may not receive multiples of any beads. That's how many different types of beads there are in this mix.

They are packed at random so the exact number of beads and shapes and sizes will vary per 100g mix.

Due to the variety of beads as explained above, i'm afraid i can't accommodate colour or size requirements for this particular mix.

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