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Organic Moringa Assorted 60 Enveloped Teabags

Organic Moringa Assorted 60 Enveloped Teabags

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The Assorted pack contains 60 Enveloped Teabags (Staple & Plastic-Free), 10 of each flavour below:

ORIGINAL – 100% Organic moringa leaf, no additives.

GREEN TEA – Organic moringa leaf with organic green tea.

MANGO - Organic moringa leaf with natural flavour mango.

TURMERIC – Organic moringa leaf with organic turmeric.

GINGER – Organic moringa leaf with natural ginger and natural flavour ginger.

LEMON – Organic moringa leaf with natural flavour lemon.


⭐️ A REMARKABLE TREE: Moringa has been enjoyed as a healthful tea for centuries. Originally cultivated in ancient India, the benefits of this nourishing herbal tea include helping as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, plus aiding blood sugar control.
⭐️ HERBAL SUPERFOOD: Our organic moringa herbal tea is bursting with the potent natural goodness of the moringa leaf. Rich in vitamins, minerals and other soothing nutrients, it's been trusted as a nourishing and healing elixir throughout history.
⭐️ USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC: Tipson's collection of organic teas are certified organic, gluten-free and non-GMO. Each ingredient is hand-selected and blended with the organic moringa leaves, so you can be sure you're getting the best herbal tea can offer.
⭐️ FOIL-WRAPPED, DOUBLE CHAMBERED BAGS WITH NO PLASTIC OR STAPLES: Moringa has a centuries-old reputation for soothing symptoms like inflammation and today as a powerful antioxidant. But if it isn't fresh, it can lose effectiveness. So we wrap each bag in foil to ensure it's freshness!
⭐️ ENJOY TIPSON MORINGA FLAVORED TEAS HOT OR COLD: This mighty leaf can be counted on for delivery of its healthful bounty whether hot or cold. It's caffeine-free and wonderful steeped in water brought to a near boil or enjoyed cold as a refreshing iced tea.

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