Winter Warmers

Winter is well and truly here with cold snaps hitting fast and furious! Now is the time to stay indoors, keep warm, snuggle into your onesie and watch Netflix (or is that just me!).

 What better way to pass the time than taking on a new hobby or finishing off incomplete crafting projects. Anjana is a self confessed crafting queen and knows how to beat the winter blues with beadwork!

In store we've stocked indoor project supplies from bead making through to seals for letters and parcels. Wax seals are a great way to personalise gift wrapping and letters; I think these would be great to add to mid-winter Christmas gifts along with Washi Tape. The range of tapes and the options for colours are impressive. From ‘Merry Christmas', through to ‘Disney’, hearts, polka dots and even tape with little mittens on it! They're cute, versatile and fun.
Cold weather makes you wish for warm summer days. I know I can’t wait for summer (to even out my tan of course). I thought about how many photos I took over summer just gone and how scrapbooking would be a perfect way to create memories of these with funk and attitude! 3D stickers are readily available which I think would look very cool surrounding photographs, enhance the moments captured and further adding to tell a story. Anjana's range of wooden stamps, which were a big hit and seller at the recent SENZ expo, are neat to use in scrapbooking. Anjana hand selected the stamps she sells to offer fun and versatile designs, from Owls, to Peacocks, flowers through to alphabet stamps. They’re sturdy, easy to use and great for kids little hands too! I particularly liked the Lion one, as it reminded me of ‘The Lion King’- one of my all time favourite Disney movie and musical!
If you’d rather you can always buy from our online store. Ordering is simple, delivery is fast and you can stay indoors working on your crafting projects without having to venture out into the blizzard to go in store if you wish! However a visit to Artisan Boutiques shop will always warm you up!


Crafting is a great way to pass the cold days and nights, so I reckon come and check out the great range of supplies available to warm you up one bead at a time!
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