The School Holidays- A Survival Guide

The high of the end of school term is met with the low of the reality that for the next two weeks, 24/7, they’re yours.

Sound familiar? Yes parents, this posts for you. I see you staring at the blank calendar and analysing the next 16 days wondering how on earth you’re going to get through it. How tempting it will be to conveniently drop them off to your local library while you sip on a glass (or bottle) of pinot until a library staff member finally catches on and you omit a convincing cry of relief when they call to inform you they have your child. I understand this conundrum all so well.

 Four times a year this occurs, and to help combat this assault on all your senses, pantry and bank balance, I have come up with a survival guide for the event that has come to be known as the “School holidays”.

 Survival Guide to the School Holidays: How to entertain your kids at the Artisan Boutique.


  1. Making Bracelets

 In my last blog I talked about my experience with making my first bracelet. The process of choosing which bracelet chain to use (mine, luckily was chosen for me so that cut down the time), and then the process of choosing which charm to adorn my chain with. This is the process that you will enjoy, as this is the process that consumes time. I have seen bubbly, energetic and excited children transform into quiet and focussed young adults. Yes… young adults. That was not a typo.

Hopefully your kids have you learnt their names by now, and depending on which school you’ve chosen to enrol them with, they’ve also learnt by now how to spell it. If not, this is the great time to put your trust in our staff where we can assist with ‘Name bracelet’s’ using lettering charms. Artisan Boutique- where education meets beauty. Because education is important, but beauty is importanter (our unofficial logo and tag-line- I’m yet to pitch this to Anjana).

Last time I went to the store I took my nephew. Within moments he made a bee-line for the glitter and glam of the lettering charms. Assessing the colours and way it was catching the light, delicately sorting through the trays and excitedly selecting trinkets, and assessing the match with his own ensemble. His little eyes and little hands were excited! Does a dolphin charm go with the letter ‘Y’ that’s embellished with sequins? Who cares! Let them have a go and let their eager minds create their own art. If you weave through the bracelet-making station correctly, you should have manage a good 20-30 minutes. For an extra 10-15 minutes, encourage them to make a Pandora bracelet.


  1. Necklaces

Let’s start with choosing your style of chain.

Congratulations, you’ve just spent another 20 minutes on this alone.

Gold, silver, brass, leather, Rhinestones of every colour, beaded chains, corded. And like the bracelets, you can add your own charms or feature.

Stand back and quietly admire the beauty of your child in a mode known as ‘still’. Let’s face it, you love them just a little bit more when they’re occupied.

For an extra 10 minutes on this activity, suggest they make a necklace for grandma. Or their sister. Perhaps their teacher, Mrs Vankhürhi…. Mrs VK will do. What about the entire teaching staff? Did Aunty just have a baby? Then suggest they make one for them. Don’t know if it’s a boy or girl? Make one for both.

Part of the survival is strategy. Need more time? Make up more family members.


  1. Make the visit your own

 Back away from the kids. Slowly. And don’t be obvious. They are safe by the trays. Now is your time to have a look. You deserve it! You’ve had them to yourself for three hours (bless you!) and its your turn to be selfish.

Have a wine…. holder. Grab yourself a Jewellery boxes, you deserve a new purse, you’ll look great in those earrings, buy yourself hand-made soap, and hide it in your jewellery box.

Scrapbooking supplies for your memory books and for convincing your kids that you cherish that scribble art picture of you they drew. And some photo frames, for exactly the same reason.

You can easily check on your kids creative progress while browsing the shop. And why not try on that gorgeous flame-coloured sari? Add a modern fusion with a floral head piece.

This trip is for you, as much as it for them.

Before you know it, hours have passed, the kids are creatively exhausted, you’ve had your time out and your partners almost finished work. It’s their turn to entertain them.

Bundle up the troops who by now are bedazzled and embroidered to the nines with jewellery and say your byes to the nice lady at the counter.

Congratulations. You’ve filled one day of the school holidays. Just 15 more to go.

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