The Artisan 'Beaut-ique'

Recently I was asked about the inspiration for the products and merchandise that I stock in store and, quite simply, I like pretty things. I’m particular with what I choose, in store you will find a mixture of shabby chic, vintage-inspired, and intricate ethnic embellishments that I carefully and personally select myself.

My culture has influenced where I see beauty and what draws my eye. The delicate art of the Mehndi designs from henna, the vibrant colour palette of Diwali, Bollywood’s glamour and the enchanting detail of the Sari. In store you will find treasures that evoke an instant emotion and demand a second look…you know you won’t find it anywhere else. It is rare and uniquely yours.

Most of my stock I source directly from my suppliers in Asia, the U.S, and soon I will be expanding this to source from the U.K & Europe. First hand I get the opportunity to choose my stock, and supply products which offer something unique to my customers, which I know they’d enjoy as much as I do. This way I can be assured that I am buying quality products, and I’ve forged good relationships with my suppliers. Many are small family business’s and I love being able to source unique items from them to help offer my customers variety and flair and support the livelihood of hard working families.

Sometimes, my stock is inspired by customer curiosity and recommendations. Enquiries about a rare item can be all it takes for me to start sourcing and stocking it. Often these end up being my best sellers! Recently I have expanded my gemstone collection after gaining further knowledge and understanding from a customer directly working with these products.

I work closely with my customers to provide them with what they need for their various projects and occasions. Looking for something in particular that I don’t stock? Why don't you pop in and see me or drop me an email. I’m sure we will find it!

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