Gemstones and Jewellery: More than just looks...

One of the newest supplies in store are a range of gemstones and precious minerals and I was surprised to hear of the healing properties associated with them. Not only are they attractive looking but each one is believed to heal different elements in the body and set your moods.

Gemstones and minerals are a great idea for creating a reflection corner in your home or for your tabletop. Throughout the world, the magical powers and healing properties of gemstones and precious metals have been acknowledged for centuries. With this cold weather giving us all doses of seasonal depression mood lifters might just be what we need.

My curiosity about how crystals can heal us made me look further into this and I discovered that ‘Quartz’ is known as the master healer. Rose Quartz with its delicate pink hue helps with heart related problems and emotional challenges such as a broken heart!

Lapis Lazuli with its brilliant blue colour is not only stunning to look at but is believed to help with confusion and the times when you have a mental block.

Jade helps us learn acceptance and can make us feel less critical of others.

Citrine has a wonderful yellow hue to it and this stone attracts positive energy and grows your personal power…yep I like this one!

Gemstones and crystals make great gift ideas, especially if it’s your or someone else’s birthstone. I’m a February baby so I’m an Amethyst which suits me fine, as I look fabulous in that shade of purple! Its July now so that’s Ruby and its known as the ‘king of the gems’ as its believed to protect the wearer from evil!!  April babies are diamonds and November is a sapphire.

 Our awesome range of gemstone products include not only the gem itself but many bracelets, rings and necklaces made from these precious gems.

 As I’m writing this I’m surrounded by tissues for the cold that I’ve got, so I’m starting to think that maybe getting myself some crystals may be just what I need to help improve my health and brighten up my room at the same time.

 It’s believed that with gemstones and crystals we are drawn to what we are needing in our lives so come on down to Artisan Boutique and see what you’re pulled towards. 


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