Beauty and the Bead

With the weather outside reminding us that summer has definitely gone, it can mean only one thing… Ball season has arrived.

You have the dress! Your hairs all done. Let’s turn heads with the finishing touches. 

In store a haven of accessories can be found to complement any outfit. You will be in awe with the selection.

You’ll find elaborate earrings to give your dress an extra flash of pizazz, and smaller more subtle pieces that complement the elegance of your frock. Anjana’s done the hard work for you and found the perfect matching necklace pairing. 

Stand alone necklaces and jewellery sets are plentiful and the colours and details are quite spectacular. Even the most simplistic of gowns can be taken to a new level by complementing it with some fabulous jewellery. Some of the necklace pieces can only be described as extravagant elegance. You WILL be noticed.

Clutches, handbags and purses in a wide variety of colours and designs are available. Ostentatious pieces that combines an edgy sleek look with texture, pearls and timeless stones, and classic elegant pieces that make a quiet statement. Your clutch will make the difference and you choose the volume it makes.

If you’re after a specific colour or style of bag and it's not already available in store, we’ll be more than happy to source it for you.

 Rings and brooches? We got ‘em. Add a unique flair to your evening wear with the unique variety we have.

 Anjana’s eye for detail has allowed her to select a wonderful range of jewellery and accessories, which you’ll fall in love with! Helping you to find something unique to add to your special evening would be her personal pleasure.

 Now, I don’t want to say that there’s something for everyone because it’s oh-so-cliché. But I’m sorry to say that there is something for everyone.

 Dare to prove me wrong?

Cue gasp.


Pretty in Pink


Ocean Tones


Earth Tones EleganzaEleganzaGolden ClusterModern Classic ButterflyTwo-Texture Purse


Devil Wears Red

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